SOS Counseling Services believes in the therapeutic value of requiring clients to invest in their treatment by allowing them to pay for services rendered when ever possible, this allows for the client to be responsible and accountable for their own treatment and/or recovery process.
All client's are required to pay an intake fee which, is credited toward their appropriate service. This payment is due at the time of service any other payments or money owed will be determined at this time. Any subsidized rates must be approved by the Director.
All rates of services are comparable  to the market and are subject to change with or without notice.
*Alcohol and/or Drug Assessments 75.00
This includes a written and verbal interview that helps determine the type of services appropriate for the client's placement. Assessments can be available the same day (125.00).
*Drivers License Restoration Assessments 150.00
This includes a written and verbal interview to determine if restoration is attainable. The Secretary of State has a list of criteria that they require all persons to meet before meeting with the determination board. Assessment available the same day.
*DOT/SAP Services 550.00
This includes a written and verbal interview, a referral for services, an effective individual treatment plan and follow-up evaluation and testing schedule.
*Alcohol/Drug Awareness Group 75.00
This group is a 6 hour one day education group that helps client's identify the negative consequences of their use. Addressing the physical and psychological effects and how the disease can progress. 
*Alcohol/Drug Education Groups (varies by required sessions)
This group is designed to identify the relationship the client has with their substance, help to confront their denial system. It also includes education on the effects on the body, mind, emotions and spirit.
*Intensive Outpatient Services (varies by required sessions)
This treatment combines the educational group, individual sessions and provides relapse prevention skills. It also requires attendance and the utilization of the 12 step support programs.
*Individual Counseling 40.00
These session are designed to deal with specific issues that may be hindering the client from engaging in a healthy sober lifestyle.
*Instant Panels Drugcreening (30.00), Breathalyzer (10.00), DOT qualified testing, or Lab testing (55.00), and hair testing.
For further information or fees contact us at (616)732-8110
            *****All services are offered in the Spanish Language also*****
We have a qualified and dedicated staff, who are committed to the restoration of life for those persons with substance abuse issues. If you cannot find the services you need please feel free to call 616-732-8110 or E-mail us
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